New Products

Designer Hand Rails

Getting a new liner?  Perfect time to upgrade to designer handrails!  

Stop in and see how we can get your pool back in style!

Got Pepper?

  • Increase the life of your salt water generator
  • Improve sanitizer effectiveness
  • Enhance water clarity
  • Reduce pH fluctuations
  • Prevent scale buildup on cell & other equipment
  • Maintain low phosphate levels

the "NEW SAND"

  • Less backwashing
  • Clearer water
  • Saves on your wallet and your back!
  • 20# bag Ruby Sand = 50# bag of sand

About Us


NO mess.  NO guess.  NO stress. 

 •Shock 1x month  

•SmartClor lasts up to 4 weeks  

•Mineral Cartridge up to 4 months

Watermelon Balls

Football, Rugby & Basketball water game!

How to play


No upcoming events.